Phone sock, case or pouch I guess you will have one or the other. It’s not often that someone doesn’t have something to put their smartphone into.

These days you can get almost anything you would like design wise from Micky mouse to a photo of someone dear to you.

About a year or so ago I started to knit phone socks. The first one I knitted was felt lined. I added a few more, different colours, which you can find in my Etsy store. I did a few without the felt lining and they did seem to sell more, which I do find strange, but everyone is different.

Have you ever heard of Knitcrate? Well, I’ve been a member for some time, The yarn is beautiful, soft and so nice anyone would just fall in love with it. I did say I would make myself something nice, but like if that’s going to ever happen!!

So, after thinking about it, I decided with some of the yarn I would knit some phone socks. They are a little more in price, however, the yarn is a lot more and they are limited to maybe 8 or 10. I’ve just added a “Black and Grey” which is made from Hand Dyed Yarn and is 100%, Superwash Merino.

What will your phone be wearing this autumn?


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