Egg Cosies

Egg cosies, egg cosies, don’t you just love them!! Ever since I started Manmade Knitting 6 years ago I’ve been selling egg cosies however this last year been hard with getting yarns. Many thanks to covid and what is happening around the with covid, it’s be become much harder to continue selling egg cosies in […]

COVID-19 Update – Still Open

Things have are changing almost daily here in the UK and I guess where in the world – and I wish everyone well during this time. At Manmade Knitting I intend to remain open and dispatching orders as normal during this time – excluding national holidays such as Easter. But, as things are moving fast, […]

COVID-19 update

COVID-19 update I hope that you are all well in these dark times. I’m well and healthy and do wash my hands before, during and after making items Shipping, I’ve looked up shipping and it seems that shipping is still ok for the time being although there could be delays from what the websites were […]

January’s Giveaway

Phone Sock

January’s Giveaway Now is the time to entry this month’s giveaway for a lovely colourful phone sock to fit whatever size of phone you may have. From now until the end of the month you can enter. To enter it doesn’t cost you anything and there are 5 ways in which you can enter, giving […]

Black and Grey Phone Sock

Phone Sock

Phone sock, case or pouch I guess you will have one or the other. It’s not often that someone doesn’t have something to put their smartphone into. These days you can get almost anything you would like design wise from Micky mouse to a photo of someone dear to you. About a year or so […]

It’s been a busy week

Egg Cozies

It’s been a busy week This last week I took off work as annual leave and in hopes of getting lots done. It would be nice to say I’ve had a few lazy days of doing nothing, just resting and catching up on some sleep, but it’s been all go! It’s been busy with orders […]

Sleeping Hat

Red and White Sleeping Cap

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been sleepy most of the week for some reason or another. Maybe it’s because it’s been my long work at work and after a few days of getting up early, it does have an effect on me. Maybe it’s the time of year, the light it’s getting noticeably […]

Cute and Colourful Egg Cosies

Cute, Egg Cosies

Cute and Colourful Egg Cosies I love knitting egg cosies, little hats for eggs, well they need to keep warm, don’t they, especially now it’s started to get cooler I’m not sure how many different kinds/colours of egg cosies I have knitted, it must be at least 8 or 9, maybe more. There are more […]

Stripes, Sloughy/Beanie

Slouchy/Beanie Hat

Stripes, Sloughy/Beanie Autumn and cooler weather, here in the UK we had an amazing summer, wonderful warm sunshine for months. It seemed that it wasn’t going to end, but like all good things, the hot weather now turned cooler in the evenings and mornings. I can’t remember another summer like it, I know they always […]

Happy 4th Birthday

Happy Birthday

Happy 4th Birthday Four years ago today Manmade Knitting was born. First opening on Etsy and nowhere, this is only the start!! When Manmade Knitting opened I wasn’t sure what I would be selling knitwise, over time I’ve worked it out, changing from one item to another, Knowing what sells and what doesn’t, if only […]

Christmas Trees Everywhere

Christmas Trees

Christmas trees everywhere I know it seems like if Christmas is a million miles away but it’s not, it’s now less than 100 days as I write before Christmas, scary!!  Maybe you are like me and leave everything until the last minute or you are well organised and already have everything need for Christmas apart […]

Phone socks

Phone Sock

Recently added to Manmade Knitting are a few phone socks made from hand-dyed yarns. These are limited in stock due to the amount of yarn I have bought. Both are in a multi-coloured self-patterning yarn in wonderful fun colours. The phone sock above is made from hand-dyed yarn in 70% Super Merino and 30% Tencel […]

Send me a message!


Send me a message Now you can send me a message about an item if you need any help. This is a wonderful add-on to Manmade Knitting and something I’ve been wanting to add for sometime., So now if you are ever wanting to know more about an item you can send me a message. […]

Back to Knitting


Back to knitting although I don’t think that I’ve ever really stopped. Apart from orders, I’ve done very little knitting over the last month or so but now it’s time to start thinking about the busy months ahead, yes winter isn’t too far away, I know it seems scary in many ways. Winter is coming […]

Autumn and busy

Autumn time and one of the busiest times of the year, well for me at least and I would say for every other crafter, with the holiday coming up,.Halloween, Thanks, Giving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday then Christmas. I’ve been busy in my Etsy store but not here, I have no idea why I haven’t been, […]

Enjoy the weather

Summer of 2017 and what a wonderful warm summer it’s is here in the UK. It’s so nice to be able to wear less instead YAY. But it’s not going to last for ever, nothing does, shame because I do like the summer month of warm weather. Autumn and the cooler/colder months aren’t too far […]

Update on the new project

I must admit it’s been some time since I’ve updated you on the project and how it’s all going, just been a little busy. I finally started the project which is going to be a cardigan for a friend. I’ve decided I’m going to made the front and back all in one, which will be […]

A new project

A new project   I don’t know about you but I always have more than one project going at a time, I currently have 4. I guess I should really just keep to one and one only but I never do, No sooner I’m down to one or maybe two I often see something that […]

Knitting, knitting…

Knitting, knitting… I’ve just noticed it almost 2 months since I wrote my last blog post, wow, it’s just been so busy, which is good, but time goes to. During that time, I’ve not really had the chance to be able to do things here on Manmade Knitting, but I’m hoping that will change now […]

Busy Knitting

Where does the time go to I often ask myself, I guess knitting. This last few week have been busy with orders YAY, always good to see orders, I often wonder when I get notification of an order to where it’s going to go. The other day I received an order from a country I’d […]