Christmas trees everywhere

I know it seems like if Christmas is a million miles away but it’s not, it’s now less than 100 days as I write before Christmas, scary!! 

Maybe you are like me and leave everything until the last minute or you are well organised and already have everything need for Christmas apart from the turkey.

I know there are many important dates before Christmas, there in Halloween, my birthday, Thanksgiving if you live in the US, Black Friday, Cyber Monday to name a few before we even get into December and the start of Christmas.

I didn’t know if you have already noticed, in stores across the UK and I guess much of the world too, already have Christmas items for sale, and Manmade Knitting is no different, apart the items in my store can be bought all year round.

So are you one of these people that have already got Christmas wrapped up or like me still looking and thinking there is plenty of time? You know what happens to time, it goes by way too fast and seeing that Christmas is now less than 100 days Christmas will be here before we know it.

The Christmas trees in the photo are Christmas Tree Egg Cosies.

Have a wonderful time shopping the coming Christmas seasons!!

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