Summer of 2017 and what a wonderful warm summer it’s is here in the UK. It’s so nice to be able to wear less instead YAY. But it’s not going to last for ever, nothing does, shame because I do like the summer month of warm weather.

Autumn and the cooler/colder months aren’t too far way. I know it does seem so way off right now being in the middle of summer and some amazing weather the UK is having.

Manmade Knitting has been busy with making and shipping product even although it’s summer, I’ve been busy here and on Etsy and looking forward to the cooler month, Oh, did I say I’m looking forward to the cooler month, there must be something wrong with me!!!
I do plan to do more blogging and I’m thinking of doing a Video blog but I’m not sure if I would have the time or enough material to do a video blog, but watch this space!!

Enjoy the summer months and I will look forward to crafting something for you very shortly.

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