I don’t know about you, but I’ve been sleepy most of the week for some reason or another. Maybe it’s because it’s been my long work at work and after a few days of getting up early, it does have an effect on me. Maybe it’s the time of year, the light it’s getting noticeably shorter, darker evening. I don’t like darker evening, often too cold for me.


Red and White Sleeping Cap

Sleeping hats, I’m wondering have you ever worn a one to bed? Even though I’ve knitted a few I’ve never gone to bed wearing one, yet!! I’m not sure how or why I first knitted one, It must have been someone that mentioned it one day and in know, I had knitted one up. I know I did knit one for my daughter, which she loved, although I don’t think she ever went to bed wearing it, around the house yes.

The ones I’ve knitted so far and in my store are Green and white, Purple and Pink one and now I’ve just added in Red and White. Not too sure which I like the best. I do love the red and white one but at the same time I do like the purple and pink one too.

Red and White Sleeping Cap

So, would you go to bed wearing a sleeping hat? I’m sure it was the fashion to do so a few hundred years ago, one way of keeping warm in bed back in those days. I’m sure they must be fun and warm especially if your bedroom is cold in the dead of winter.

What will you be wearing in bed in the coming months?

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