Stripes, Sloughy/Beanie

Autumn and cooler weather, here in the UK we had an amazing summer, wonderful warm sunshine for months. It seemed that it wasn’t going to end, but like all good things, the hot weather now turned cooler in the evenings and mornings. I can’t remember another summer like it, I know they always say about 1976 but for me, 2018 was better. If you live in the UK do you think this summer was better than 1976?


Slouchy/Beanie Hat

In the evenings and mornings this week it’s been much cooler, one morning I was so glad to get into work and get warm with only wearing my hospital uniform. So, I’ve sat down and decided to create a new product for Manmade Knitting, a striped sloughy/beanie hat for those cooler evening and morning ahead. Knitted in a silver grey, white and black, it’s double lined and lovely and warm just ideal for the cooler weather. The colours are in the same order on the inside as on the outside.



Slouchy/Beanie Hat

What will you be wearing this autumn/winter months ahead, hopefully something nice and cosy and warm.

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